The Catalantatge podcast

You found the podcast Catalantatge by chance. No, right?

You want to learn Catalan? Fantastic! Me too. Let’s do it together! The Catalantatge podcast will be our train, and the destination is the knowledge. Let’s learn this wonderful language little by little, to be able to enjoy its rich culture.

Català + aprenentatge = Catalantatge 🤗

In english, it would be something like:
Catalan + learning = Catalaning 😀
Or maybe this one:
Catalan + learning = Catalearning :grinning:
I personally like both of them, but those are here just to illustrate the way I came to the name of the podcast. We want the name to stay in catalan, that’s the best way to stay focused to this beautiful language and all its culture.

A new episode of the podcast will be released every Sunday at 6 PM (Spanish time). I’ll talk about the things I’ve learned, how I’ve done so, if I have any doubts about something… I’ll be sharing, as I already said somewhere, my learning process. Of course, if I can help someone in any way, I will be more than happy to do so. Knowledge is the only thing that grows when it is shared.

Jo estimo el català, i tu? :yellow_heart: ❤ :yellow_heart: